How To Write An Essay In An Hour

However, some factors that impact the possibility of doing the essay within an hour are - The number of pages, Nature of the topic, Technical or non-technical, and your interest regarding a specific topic. If you have enough knowledge about the assigned topic of your essay and find it very close to your interest, then it will save a lot of time to research it. Otherwise, keep a time slot for research and gathering resources to create authentic content.

Let's dig down the topic and start exploring these tips to write an easy - precisely and quickly.

Is it Possible to Write an essay in an hour? - Hire Professional Writers!

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By availing of online writing services, you will be able to submit your assignment on time and gain an A+ grade on your paper; there are a lot of online essay writing service providers, so you should keep the following things in your mind to choose the suitable writer.

  • Ask them to show the samples they created for their previous clients
  • Please have a look at their customer feedback section
  • Google about the company service and find out whether it's real or legit
  • Look for company customer service and ask if they can write an essay in an hour
  • Confirm that they will deliver the essay within an hour if you submit their urgent delivery charges.

Still, if you are always on short deadlines and need to submit an essay fast, here are the 7 quick steps to follow to write the academic paper in an hour.

5 Quick Tips to Write an Essay in an Hour and Proofread it!

By following these tips, you can write the essay in an hour. But it will not be your best essay. You can submit your assignment on time and get good grades. It’s not an ideal situation to write an essay and produce quality work. The difficulty level may increase with the number of words or pages assigned by the professor.

Keep Focused & Avoid Distractions

Working in a focused environment is the preliminary requisite to writing a quality essay. It is very important to avoid distortion and noise. Keep your mobile phone away while working as it is one of the significant distractions. Following are some do's and don'ts to remain focused while writing.

  • Sit in a stable place proper laptop table and chair. You must be comfortable while sitting.
  • Switch off your phone
  • Research the topic but don't open irrelevant websites
  • Switch off the Radio, Tv, or music in the surroundings
  • Avoid listening to music while you work
  • Only think of what you intend to write.
  • Research & Understand the Topic

    Before you make an outline or write an essay, you must understand the topic you're about to write about. Doing research is one of the important phases of essay writing. Look at all the possible aspects that a particular topic covers. Brainstorm with different ideas to write it best. Explore the data on the websites from different angles.

    To write an authentic and valuable essay, you must read some blogs, articles, and research papers and understand the topic. Go through videos, social media, firms, blogs, e-books, and other sources. This phase is quite time-consuming and requires attention, and it's better to collect your sources and understand the topic before.

    To collect useful information in a time-saving way, use the following techniques:

    • Use reliable sources while researching it
    • Use keyword base searches to get more appropriate results
    • Highlight the states to make valid claims

    Create an Outline:

    Once you understand the topic, the next step is to craft an outline for the essay. Making an outline containing the key points will help you write fast, and half of your problem is solved when you write the outline. To draft a good outline, you must have a clear vision of what you are about to write and how you will present it in your writing.

    The outline is the plan or structure of your essay. It can be bullet points, paragraphs, headings, hierarchical lists, subtopics, and more. It can take some hint points you can write on a paper before starting. The purpose of writing the outline is to stay organized and record what you have covered and what to write more, and it prevents fluff and reputation of the same points as well.

    Some guidelines to craft an outline:

    • Write down the striking points while doing the research.
    • Write in bullet form.
    • Sketch what headings and preceding headings will be the part
    • Create a rough outline
    • Make sure that you cover all the intended points.
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    Write your Essay

    Writing an essay within an hour is daunting, and you must have an active mind to complete the essay on time. Whether a 2-page or 5-page essay, if you understand the topic and create its outline, you can finish it quicklyy. The one thing that matters over here is the typing speed, vocabulary and writing skills. If you are good at these skills, it's a cup of tea for you now! As the research work is complete, writing an essay should take a few minutes.

    Here is some guideline to go about the writing task.

    • Don't delay now and start writing with your creative ideas
    • Write your thoughts mindfully
    • Highlight the main points and address them with acknowledging tone
    • Avoid writing irrelevant points, fluff, or repetitions
    • Elaborate with examples
    • Write short and to-the-point paragraphs
    • Use a clear and easy language
    • Don't make things complicated unnecessarily
    • Check the word count for accurate length

    Few Tips! You must write the introduction precisely, which is one of your essay's time-consuming parts. You must write the introduction first and then proceed to other parts. A few writers also suggest you write the intro and conclusion first, then write the remaining portion of the article.

    Edit and proofread:

    After writing, the last step is editing and proofreading your essay. It must be free of spelling and grammar mistakes, and it should not contain any unauthentic information that can lead to a poor grade in the academic assignment. You can hire an expert as well to edit and proofread your content. Just write "essay writing help," and then you can find the best services. Proofread your article before submitting your assignment to the professor.

    Quick tips for editing and proofreading:

    • Read the article thoroughly
    • Correct the spelling and grammar mistakes
    • Check the content flow and try to improve it
    • Check all the points have been covered
    • Read out loud!
    • Remove typo errors and proofread
    • Make sure that the sentences are clear, meaningful, and make sense


    We hope you find the best answer to the query of how to write an essay in an hour. Writing on short deadlines is not an easy task, and you may need more focus. You need to stay positive throughout the writing. You can write an essay in an hour only if you have knowledge about the topic you intend to write about. Otherwise, it takes more than 1 hour to research and collect valuable sources from the internet. Reading these resources and finding the main points for your essay is time-consuming.

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