One of the primary challenges confronting humankind today is the prevalence of crime. As human societies have developed massively over the years, so does the nature and techniques of crime have also acquired sophistication and intricacy. In standard terms, crime is defined as any behavior that breaches a law. Criminal justice is defined as the system designed to award sentences to people who have committed crimes. the purpose of the system is to lower the crime rate, provide justice to the victim, and guarantee rehabilitation of the criminals.

The article is written by the Legislative Analyst's office. It is basically a report that analyzed the budget prescribe for the criminal justice system for the year 2020-2021. The main theme of the article is to analyze the issues in budgeting that is prescribed for the criminal justice system and then present the proposals. The reason for selecting this article is to analyze how low budgeting affects the overall working of the criminal justice system.

Firstly, the lack of funding is the most important issue that affects the overall working of the system. The author analyzes that no doubt the funds for the criminal justice system have increased from the previous years but it is still lowered to make the system effective and efficient. He also appraises the fact the giving productive direction to the budget is also an important issue. most of the time, it is observed that the budget is spent on trivial things that have little influence on the overall working of the system. As a result, more effective utilization of the budget is compromised which directly impacts the working of the criminal justice system. The budgeting issues also prompt other problems in the system

The second test that streams from the past ones is the absence of adequate amenities. the issue of overcrowding in prisoners likewise restricts the alternative of starting valuable and useful strategies, for example, professional preparing and advising of the convicts. The jails ought to work on an individual's life as opposed to turning into a favorable place for wrongdoings and more solidified lawbreakers. Truth be told, this is one of the genuine difficulties looked at by the framework as jails are neglecting to turn out to be more improved and better individuals. In fact, over-crowding has been engendered in the first place due to low budgeting and non-effective utilization of the budget.

Different difficulties are on the examination or investigation side of this framework. The absence of accessibility of assets is a significant obstacle to close the examination technique. In this mechanical world, the idea of wrongdoing has gotten progressively many-sided and convoluted. In such a situation, the absence of assets genuinely impedes the endeavors to successfully examine the wrongdoing. As the examination strategy is delivered powerless, it then, at that point proceeds to affect adversely in the general criminal equity framework. Again, it is emphasized the lack of funding directly impacts the availability of resources which is indispensable for the smooth working of the criminal justice system.

Apart from the personal observation and conclusion is that funding should be increased for the criminal justice system so that it can provide a more effective response and curb the crime rate. Besides this, the following are the recommendations that are given to introduce positive changes in the system.

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In addition to this, the root causes of crime should be elaborated. One of the conclusions that can be drawn by analyzing different crime reports is that the rate of crime is high in more populated areas. Here, the decrease in crime is also very low. Ergo, there is a need to explore why is this so? Upon reflection, it can be said that the main reason for this low availability of economic opportunities is to climb up the social ladder. In highly populated areas, the increased use of alcohol also leads to violent crimes. Therefore, to address these root causes, a strategy must be formed that provides economic opportunities. Not only this, the wages of the job should be stable and high enough so that they are not encouraged to adopt a path of robbery. Besides this, the bars giving alcohol should be taxed and there is a need to reduce the number of these outlets. This will automatically reduce the ways fro committing a crime.

Moreover, there is a need to encourage the implementation of the model of community policing. The model has been successfully implemented in California and can be replicated in other parts of the country. The model builds a liaison between the law-enforcement agencies and communities to curb the crime rate. It has different features such as that builds and strengthens the relationship of trust between people and police. Due to trust relationships, people respot to people about crimes and helps them to apprehend criminals. Yet, the aptest feature of this model is that it encourages the community to make any criminal or would-be criminal aware of the consequences of any offense. In this way, the person is deterred from committing any crime. Along with this, the strategy has the more constructive feature of providing jobs to youth and people so that they cannot be motivated towards crime.

After this, there is a need to make agencies quicker in their response so that offenders can be caught and procedures should be simplified to resolve cases as early as possible.


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