Communication skills are generally referred to as a set of skills or techniques that allow a person or an individual to convey his point effectively and clearly without making it ambiguous. It should be noted that communication skills do not mean using highly sophisticated or difficult words. The main point is to convey a point In a precise and cogent manner. It does not imply that the use of highly qualified vocabulary is necessary. It has more to do with the clarity of thought and arguments rather than using difficult words. Every person should have good communication skills to participate in any debate or at least to be able to convey his view whenever the situation arrives.

I also try to improve my communication skills but there are certain strengths and weaknesses. One of the strengths in my communication skills is the confidence to speak boldly and not hesitate to convey a point of view. This is a strength that allows me to speak anywhere. It is important because I have seen many people who are erudite but are unable to speak owing to the lack of confidence and hesitation. So, I think I am bestowed with one of the fundamental strengths of good communication. Another strength that I have is the ability to listen carefully with the intent of understanding the point of the next person. It should be noted that communication skill is not just about speaking. It is more about interacting with others with the purpose of understanding their point of view. Most of the time, people do not tend to understand what the next person is trying to say. As a result, most of the debates reach nowhere and serve no productive purpose. So, I always tend to carefully listen to the next person so that I can aptly respond. This is important because the right understanding is key to an appropriate response.

Moreover, another of my strengths is empathy and respect during the conversation. It is, again, key to have a sound and constructive debate. I tend to keep my response in an empathetic and respectable manner so that the next person does not have resentment. Notwithstanding the strengths, certain weaknesses are there and should be addressed and improved. One of the weaknesses is clarity. This is due to a lack of knowledge or any sound conclusion related to the topic. I have noticed that sometimes I intermingle different things which makes my point abstruse and ambivalent. To have a clear point, I think I should build my knowledge base and have a sound conclusion. It will lead to clarity in my thinking. Only then, this clarity will be incorporated into the communication skills. I think I should improve and practice regularly to be able to make a point in a clear manner.

Another of my weaknesses in communication skills is the lack of coherence and unity. it means that argument tends to jump from one topic to another, or reference examples tangential to the debating topic and many other problems. I have encountered this problem many times and it’s the problem faced by a majority in their communication skills. So, I think I should work to improve this and argue in a cogent, logical, and coherent manner. There is a need to listen to debates meticulously and then practice regularly to bring unity and coherence to improve this. For effective communication skills, this is extremely an essential part and should be prioritized.

So there are two areas ----- clarity and coherence-------- that I should improve upon to bolster my communication skills.

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