Vocabulary Words for Essay Writing Short on words? Short on words?

Do you stumble with words while writing an essay?

Don’t worry! Here I am going to provide some Significant guidelines to improve your essay writing skills. In order to compile your gathered information and resources into an inspirational academic essay - The first thing you need is impressive and powerful WORDS!

Exceptional vocabulary is a preliminarily requisite to writing an academic essay. The use of quality words, phrases, and structured sentences can make your paper an incredible one!

Here I am going to unleash some useful vocabulary words for essay writing that you can use in different writing case scenarios for any type of academic paper. You must have your own idea that you intend to write. Adding these words will portray your idea in an engaging and conversational way. You can also ask to write my essay for me cheap and get help from professional writers at DoMyEssayPaper.net

Let’s dig down more than 100 vocabulary words for essay writing let’s dig down into the topic!

Vocabulary Words for Writing An Essay

Vocabulary Words for introduction

The start of the essay can make or break the whole game. The trickiest part of the assignment is how to convey your idea. The very first sentence of the essay should relate to the reader's problem. It will hook the reader and compel it to read till the last. Many people start their essay with a question whereas some people start with a catchy line or proverb. You can set the whole tone of your essay from the starting line.

However, it is not mandatory to use the introduction with a proverb, you can compile your thoughts and turn them into a tagline or something uncommon. If it is not related to any problem then you must explain your essay in a summarized way. You must keep in mind that the reader has no idea about the topic and you are going to provide him with the best piece of information. Without losing your tone you can use the following words or phrases in the introduction part:

  • Foremost
  • Challenging
  • Complex problem
  • Onset
  • Myriad
  • Initiate
  • Significance
  • Importance
  • This essay discusses
  • Purpose of this essay
  • Key element of this essay
  • Need for writing this through
  • Key problem discussed
  • As far as I know
  • Main Idea of this essay
  • The central idea of this essay
  • Aim of this essay
  • The objective of our writing

Vocabulary words for the Body

The central and second most important part of your essay should not be boring. You must relate some interesting stories, evidence, and proof to hook the audience till the last. You can put up an argument and give some evidence to support it. Use the headings and subheadings to make a well-detailed essay. In addition to the evidence and viewpoints, you must impress the readers with your own views. The readers will believe in you only when you choose the right words to convey the idea.

You can structure your sentence by using the words like firstly, secondly, and thirdly. The use of these words will help to clarify your essay idea in a systematic way. The use of the words like “In view of”, or “in the light of” help you support your arguments with evidence. You can refer to the views of someone else to introduce the author's thoughts on a particular topic. The words like According to or referring to something will add more value to your said words. Use authentic sources to make the reader confident that you are content is authentic.

The words to use in the central body of the essay are:

  • In my opinion
  • Similarly
  • Likewise
  • Despite of / In spite of
  • Furthermore
  • Besides
  • To evaluate
  • Not with standing
  • On the one hand
  • Firstly, secondly thirdly

These words can be used in the body section. One more thing to consider, you must use the vocabulary by making the proper sense of the sentence. Don't put them anywhere without acknowledging their proper usage.

Words to use in the Conclusion Part:

If you are done with the introduction and the body, the next section is the conclusion part. This part is equally important as your remaining sections. It defines the summary of your whole essay. Sometimes the professor just ignores the whole essay and moves to the conclusive part to find out what you have learned through this essay. So, be vigilant when you write the conclusion, and use these words to wrap your summary in a precise way. Also learn about how to write an essay in an hour.

The essay words to be used in the conclusion part:

  • In the nutshell
  • In brief
  • To end up
  • So,
  • At last
  • Let's wrap up the things
  • To take stock
  • In brief
  • Therefore
  • Thus
  • It has been proven/shown

Vocabulary words for an essay -  Other Important Scenarios!

  • Positive Scenario / Authentic Information

If your essay points out some positive aspects then you should use words like agrees, emphasizes, asserts, stresses affirms, makes clear, demonstrates, or more. 

For positive evaluation you should use the words - plausible, beneficial, effective, clear, significant, succeeds in, beneficial, persuasive, useful, logical, relevant, main, major, and relevant.

  • Negative Scenario / Random research data

You can use the words for negative or unrealistic scenarios - claims, suggests, purposes, believe, overlooks, in his opinion, and assumes. 

  • Neutral Tone 

For a neutral scenario, you can use the words - reports, states, notes, argues, shows, finds, maintains, persuades, shows, argues, illustrates, and describes.

  • For negative evaluation use the words - unrealistic, questionable, controversial, dismisses, omits, insignificant, minor, limited, problematic, invalid, neglects, fails to,  or biased. 

  • Comparison 

There are many cases when you have to compare certain facts so you should use the following words:

  • Likewise

  • Just as

  • In the same way 

  • Both or and


In some scenarios, you may need to add some more information to one statement. The best way to continue the sentence with the following words

In addition, Furthermore, Moreover, and, as well, besides, but also, not only, similarly, In addition, Additionally, and also

  • Concession words: 

These words help the writer to justify the opposing position in less powerful words: 

For example, 

  • {Although} he was right at its point but he lacks to justify it.

  • Other concessions words are: 

  • Even though

  • Despite

  • Whereas

  • Although 

  • While 

  • Contrast 

At a certain point, you need to contrast two different aspects. Use the following words to explain the difference between the two identities. 

  • On the other hand, 

  • On the contrary

  • Instead

  • ‘But, yet, still

  • In contrast 

  • Nevertheless

  • Even so 

  • Either or

  • Neither nor

  • Cause

The conjunctions words can be used to link two or more sentences. The cause scenario is a common one where you elaborate the reasoning of the particular instance. You can use the following words for the cause scenario: 

  • Because, as, so that, since

  • Hence, this, Therefore

  • In order for, Because of this, As a result. consequently, 

  • Modality Words: 

There are many words that you used to express the intensity of obligation, frequency, or certainty. 

  • Perhaps, probably, certainly, possibly 

  • Sometimes, usually, seldom, rarely, always

  • Definitely, clearly, absolutely, obviously, surely.

  • Actually, really, In fact, merely, simply, much, very, just 

  • Barely, absolutely, totally, entirely, slightly, almost, hardly, nearly 

  • Appears, seems, tends to 

  • Time & Place Words: 

I would like to mention some useful words to refer to the condition where you have to refer to some scenarios on the basis of preferences:

Previously, subsequently, prior to, at present, foremost, to the present, afterward, then, after, next, and up till now. 

  • Restatement: 

While writing some conditions require you to re-collect the whole idea. In that case, you can use the words: 

To sum up, In brief, To put it, in other words, In sum, In summary

  • Exemplifying: 

In order to elaborate a scenario you can use the words - for instance, for example, such as and to illustrate this.

  • Attribution 

There are certain conditions where you  refer or project the outside authorities such as 

For example

According to the person name's {argument} [shows] that this is a legit company to work 

You can use alternative words like person name's claim, statement, thesis, position, and more.

Similarly, if there are cases where you use them according to the situation - you can write argues, discuss, shows, expresses, proves, demonstrates, suggests, explains, proves, states and others.


I recommend you the words on the basis of scenarios you are going to face while writing any type of essay. Whether you intend to write a narrative essay or a descriptive essay,  you will meet situations where you have to compare, contrast, or evaluate two or more sentences. 

I hope the above-mentioned list of words helps you find the best vocabulary for the essay you intend to write. 

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