I can’t write my essay. What should I do to Get an A+

Around the globe, high school and college students heft the heavy sack of assignments, essays, and papers onto their shoulders. Maybe it’s the extensive curriculum that demands too much from a student.

From excelling in exams, and completing all the assignments to being active in extracurricular, there comes a time when students get exhausted. All this drains their energy and they are at the verge of breaking down.

There is no doubt that everyone with an academic background has experienced the feeling of being handed an essay and not being able to write a single word. A feeling of falling apart combined with self-doubt makes it worse There are students to whom essay writing comes naturally and they find essay writing effortless, but there are others who are at their wits' ends trying so hard to write one. The latter are the ones that garb domyessaypaper’ attention and we pitch in to help them in essay writing.

I can’t write my essay

There you are, sitting at your desk, staring at the blank paper and your words just never seem to flow. A voice in your head that constantly reminds you, I cannot write my essay.

Have you figured out why you can’t write your essay? Students often encounter succeeding factors that become a great hurdle in their essay writing process.

  • Low Self-confidence

    Writing on a specific topic may be challenging for students as they have insufficient knowledge about that case. Less subject knowledge and concept clarity lower your confidence and you may feel you can’t write anything as you have no command of that topic.

  • Less Energy

    It is somehow at the back of a student’s mind that he/she has to outperform every time. To outshine he has to put his all efforts into what he does. The same goes with essay writing which requires energy and creativity and sometimes students lack that energy. This is one of the top reasons a student says I can’t write my essay. Their less energy affects their performance and concentration patterns same as in the case of jet lag.

  • Short Attention Span

    Although it is not the case that every student has to deal with but some students have this problem of short attention span. They find it difficult to focus on one particular task. Writing an essay demands focus and determination and failing in that they feel agitated.

  • Short of Time

    Student procrastination harms them the most. You may be running away from writing an essay but now you are bang by all the deadlines at the same time. You have less time to submit all the undue tasks and don’t know how to do them.

  • Fear of Word Count

    Keeping in mind the word count of high school and college essays, students have to provide enough quality information. This makes essay writing an assiduous task for students.

  • Distractions

    Lack of writing skills has less to do with essay writing than it does with students’ huge distractions. Cellphones, social media, and gadgets are beckoning students’ attention, affecting their focus and they easily fall prey to these distractions.

What should I do? I cannot write my essay on my own.

If you are facing difficult in writing your essays. There are some factors that are in your control and with self discipline and a liitle effort you can overcome them. But if you believe that the situation is out of your control and you cannot handle alll the undue essay assignments, relax, take a deep breath, we domyessaypaper are here to help you out. So let's see what you can do when you are struggling with essay writing.

  • Self Believe

    Though it seems trifling, believe you can and you’re halfway there. Students have to know their strengths and kick out the fear of not being good enough. You have to ignore what you cannot do and focus on what you can do.

  • Escape from Writer’s Blocks

    You need to take breaks in between your essay writing session as you may reach a point where you cannot think of something creative. Get up from your study table and have a little walk outside, play with your pet or chat with your friends. This helps your mind to relax and you may come back to your desk with more energy and concentration.

  • Brainstorm

    To begin with your essay writing, first choose a quiet writing space, free from distractions and equipped with basic writing material. This signals your mind to be alert and focused. Now you just have to brainstorm and write whatever ideas come to your mind on a piece of paper. Do not worry about perfection and relevance at this stage, you will figure that out in the next step.

  • Start Writing

    First, reward yourself with a chocolate bar or candy as you have come one step near the essay writing process. You have haphazard chunks of information on a page and now you will create an outline of your essay. Structure and organize the information so that it starts making sense. As you get a flow in your writing, you will notice that your essay takes on a proper shape.

  • Hire a Professional

    If you still think you can’t do your essay, look for experts and get their writing service help. There is no harm in taking professional help. Numbers of online platforms are offering writing services and domyessaypaper is a reliable source for students who are struggling with essay writing. Experienced and professional writing panel of domyessaypaper believe in quality essay writing services. Now anxiety is never coming in the student’s way, you do not have to worry about essay deadlines or how to write a challenging essay. You can outsource a writer who can craft an impeccable essay for you.

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